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Presentations by Dr Wallace

The Missing Value: Why Innovative Technology and Approaches are Leading to Healthcare Failure

American business and society have been transformed by digital technology. The direct benefits of this technology are spectacular. Many businesses are delivering record profits and impressive new products. Yet, as we implement digital technology, society is suffering immeasurable side effects.

As a society, we face:

  • Deaths of despair: suicides by middle-aged women are up 63% since 2000.
  • Three felonies a day: many of our millions of federal regulations are so broadly and imprecisely worded that the average professional commits three felonies a day—by accident.
  • Wants over needs: more than 60% of our economy is dedicated to industries failing to deliver the basics that society needs from them, including healthcare, education, finance, food, and more.

Speaker, economist, and business strategist, Rod Wallace, brings a keynote on the impact of digital technology on American society, with particular emphasis on the impact on healthcare.

Over the course of the engagement, track the impacts of technology on American society focusing on healthcare. Despite highly trained providers and spectacular advances, American healthcare is failing us. We’ll explore the relationships between technology, our changing society, and that failure. And, we’ll ask, “How can we mitigate the current destructive forces?”

From this event, you’ll gain:

  • Clarity about what is happening to American business, especially healthcare, as Digital Technology advances. You will also gain some insights into American culture and government.
  • Perspective on where break-through results may come from in your own organization.
  • Approaches to collaborating effectively in light of today’s complexity.

About the Author

Rod Wallace, Ph.D. is a speaker, economist, and business strategist. His forthcoming book, Drowning in Potential, Can American Society Survive Digital Technology, provides a unique perspective on how our accelerating world is impacting society, culture, and economy—and how to prosper in this new business climate.

He delivers a high-energy keynote that is pragmatic, entertaining, and inspiring. Forging the way to a more prosperous business model, Wallace helps leaders understand and embrace our rapidly evolving world, while creating innovative approaches to our most complex problems.

A Fulbright fellow, Wallace earned his PhD in Economics from the University of Michigan. He has played key roles in the planning and execution of billion-dollar corporate investments from startups to Fortune 20 businesses. In addition, his background includes leadership roles in strategy consulting, marketing, sales, and organizational development on a global scale. From his exploration into the impact of artificial intelligence, his work as a researcher for the Japanese Ministry of International Trade and Industry, to his partnership in a French energy plant acquisition, Wallace brings vital insights to his work.

He and his wife live in Delaware where he plays water polo with his two preschoolers, and tries to keep up with his older son in learning the martial arts.